Signal Construct - Worldwide Distributor

Signal-Construct is a medium-sized global operating manufacturer of Highest Precision LED Solutions.
Shortec Electronics distributes all Signal Construct products of energy and space saving LED technology. 

Signal-Construct Part NumberDescription
AGT4AGT4 / Adapter for power supply
AGT8AGT8 / Adapter for power supply
AMCE160AMCE160 / LED-Signalleuchte red 12-230V
AMCE167AMCE167 / LED-Signalleuchte green 12-230V
DAH30030DAH30030 / Distanzhalter f. 3mm-LED, 3mm
DAH30060DAH30060 / Distanzhalter f. 3mm-LED, 6mm
DAH30065DAH30065 / Distanzhalter f. 3mm-LED, 6. 5mm
DAH50045DAH50045 / Distanzhalter f. 5mm-LED, 4. 5mm
DAH50050DAH50050 / Distanzhalter f. 5mm-LED, 5mm
DAH50100DAH50100 / Distanzhalter f. 5mm-LED, 5mm
DAH50170DAH50170 / Distanzhalter f. 5mm-LED, 17mm
DAH50200DAH50200 / Distanzhalter f. 5mm-LED, 20mm
DBB101DBB101 / Mini-LED-Baustein, red, 5-7V
DBB111DBB111 / Mini-Led-Baustein, yellow, 5-7V
DBB121DBB121 / Mini-LED-Baustein, green, 5-7V
DBB201DBB201 / Mini-LED-Baustein, red, 5-7V
DBB211DBB211 / Mini-LED-Baustein, yellow, 5-7V
DBB221DBB221 / Mini-LED-Baustein, green, 5-7V
DBI01300DBI01300 / Mini Line DBI 2xred
DBI01301DBI01301 / Mini Line DBI 1xred 1xyellow
DBI01302DBI01302 / Mini Line DBI 1xred 1xgreen
DBI01311DBI01311 / Mini Line DBI 2xyellow
DBI01320DBI01320 / Mini Line DBI 1xgreen 1xred
DBI01322DBI01322 / Mini Line DBI 2xgreen
DBI01391DBI01391 / Mini Line DBI
DBI02300DBI02300 / Mini Line DBI 4xred
DBI02311DBI02311 / Mini Line DBI 4xyellow
DBI02322DBI02322 / Mini Line DBI 4xgreen
DBI03300DBI03300 / Mini Line DBI 6xred
DBI03311DBI03311 / Mini Line DBI 6xyellow
DBI03322DBI03322 / Mini Line DBI 6xgreen
DBI04300DBI04300 / Mini Line DBI 8xred
DBI04310DBI04310 / Mini Line DBI 4xyellow4xred
DBI04311DBI04311 / Mini Line DBI 8xyellow
DBI04321DBI04321 / Mini Line DBI 4xgreen4xyellow
DBI04322DBI04322 / Mini Line DBI 8xgreen
DBLS3020DBLS3020 / LED-Baustein, 3mm-LED, red
DBLS3021DBLS3021 / LED-Baustein, 3mm-LED, yellow
DBLS3022DBLS3022 / LED-Baustein, 3mm-LED, green
DUHD5120DUHD5120 / 5mm-LED-Baust. , red, An. rechts
DUHD5122DUHD5122 / 5mm-LED-Baust. , green, An. rechts
DUHS35820DUHS35820 / LED-Reihe 8f red 90°Are
DUHS35821DUHS35821 / LED-Reihe 8f yellow 90°Are
DUHS35822DUHS35822 / LED-Reihe 8f green 90°Are
DUHS36121DUHS36121 / LED-Array, 1fach, YELLOW
DUKD3525003DUKD3525003 / LED-Array, YELLOW-RED
DUKD3525004DUKD3525004 / LED-Array, YELLOW-GREEN
DVCD10DVCD10 / LED-Baustein, 3mm, red
DVCD11DVCD11 / LED-Baustein, 3mm, yellow
DVCD12DVCD12 / LED-Baustein, 3mm, green
DVCD14DVCD14 / LED-Baustein, 3mm, blue
DVDD200DVDD200 / dualPCBBoard, 3mm, red/red
DVDD201DVDD201 / dualPCBBoard, 3mm, red/yellow
DVDD202DVDD202 / dualPCBBoard, 3mm, red/green
DVDD211DVDD211 / 3mm, LED-Baust. , yellow/yellow
DVDD212DVDD212 / 3mm, LED-Baust. , yellow/green
DVDD220DVDD220 / dualPCBBoard, 3mm, green/red
DVDD221DVDD221 / dualPCBBoard, 3mm, green/yellow
DVDD222DVDD222 / dualPCBBoard, 3mm, green/green
DWNE50122DWNE50122 / LED-Baustein, red/green
EFGBB6L025EFGBB6L025 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Buchse 25cm
EFGBB6L100EFGBB6L100 / MFT-Sys Kab Buchse/Buchse 100c
EFGBB6L200EFGBB6L200 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Buchse 200cm
EFGBO6L030EFGBO6L030 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Draht 30cm
EFGBO6L075EFGBO6L075 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Draht 75cm
EFGBO6L100EFGBO6L100 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Draht 100cm
EFGBO6L150EFGBO6L150 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Draht 150cm
EFGBO6L200EFGBO6L200 / MFT-SysKab Buchse/Draht 200cm
FLSS060100452FLSS060100452 / LED-Modul warm white 12V
FLSS060100454FLSS060100454 / LED-Modul warm white 24V
FLSS060100462FLSS060100462 / LED-Modul white 12V
FLSS060100464FLSS060100464 / LED-Modul white 24V
FLUE18410P5L047FLUE18410P5L047 / Power-LED-Streifen 10W wwhite
FLUE18410P6L047FLUE18410P6L047 / Power-LED-Streifen 10W white
FLUE18420P5L092FLUE18420P5L092 / Power-LED-Streifen 20W wwhite
FLUE18420P6L092FLUE18420P6L092 / Power-LED-Streifen 20W white
MBFE2790508AMBFE2790508A / SISTAR® IV red 230V AC/DC
MBQB320362MBQB320362 / Mini Sistar® 12V BA9s white
MBQB320364MBQB320364 / Mini Sistar® 24V BA9s white
MBQE320362MBQE320362 / Mini Sistar® 12V E10 white
MBQE320364MBQE320364 / Mini Sistar® 24V E10 white
MBRD150844MBRD150844 / SiStar® II-LED blue 24V BA15d
MBRD150864MBRD150864 / SiStar® II-LED white 24V BA15d
MBRD150874MBRD150874 / SiStar® II-LED green 24V BA15d
MBRD151248MBRD151248 / SiStar® II-LED blue 230V BA15d
MBRD151604MBRD151604 / SiStar® II-LED red 24V BA15d
MBRD151608MBRD151608 / SiStar® II-LED red 230V BA15d
MBRD151618MBRD151618 / SiStar® II-LED yellow 230V BA15d
MBRE140844MBRE140844 / SiStar® II-LED blue 24V E14
MBRE140864MBRE140864 / SiStar® II-LED white 24V E14
MBRE140874MBRE140874 / SiStar® II-LED green 24V E14
MBRE141248MBRE141248 / SiStar® II-LED blue 230V E14
MBRE141258K30MBRE141258K30 / SiStar® II-LED w white 230V E14
MBRE141268MBRE141268 / SiStar® II-LED white 230V E14
MBRE141278MBRE141278 / SiStar® II-LED green 230V E14
MBRE141604MBRE141604 / SiStar® II-LED red 24V E14
MBRE141614MBRE141614 / SiStar® II-LED yellow 24V E14
MBRE143258L75K30MBRE143258L75K30 / Notlicht LED-lamp Sistar II
MBRE143258L75K40MBRE143258L75K40 / Notlicht LED-lamp Sistar II
MCRE148304MCRE148304 / LED-Cl-lamp red 24VAD E14
MCRE148308MCRE148308 / LED-Cl-lamp red 230VAD E14
MCRE148314MCRE148314 / LED-Cl-lamp yellow 24VAD E14
MCRE148318MCRE148318 / LED-Cl-lamp yellow 230VAD E14
MCRE148344MCRE148344 / LED-Cl-lamp blue 24VAD E14
MCRE148347MCRE148347 / LED-Cl-lamp blue 130VAD E14
MCRE148348MCRE148348 / LED-Cl-lamp blue 230VAD E14
MCRE148362MCRE148362 / LED-Cl-lamp white 12VAD E14
MCRE148364MCRE148364 / LED-Cl-lamp white 24VAD E14
MCRE148368MCRE148368 / LED-Cl-lamp white 230VAD E14
MCRE148374MCRE148374 / LED-Cl-lamp Ugreen 24VAD E14
MCRE148377MCRE148377 / LED-Cl-lamp Ugreen 130VAD E14
MCRE148378MCRE148378 / LED-Cl-lamp Ugreen 230VAD E14
MEDB2508BRMEDB2508BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp red 230V
MEDB2518BRMEDB2518BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp yellow 230V
MEDB2548BRMEDB2548BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp blue 230V
MEDB2562MEDB2562 / Reflektor-LED-lamp white
MEDB2562BRMEDB2562BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp white 12V
MEDB2564MEDB2564 / Reflektor-LED-lamp white 24V
MEDB2564BRMEDB2564BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp white 24V
MEDB2568BRMEDB2568BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp white 230V
MEDB2578BRMEDB2578BR / Reflektor-LED-lamp Ugreen 230V
MEDG5704MEDG5704 / Single-LED Serie Sockel MG
MEDG5714MEDG5714 / Single-LED Serie Sockel MG
MEDG5724MEDG5724 / Single-LED Serie Sockel MG
MEDT5564MEDT5564 / Sockellamp, white, T5, 5, 24V
MEDT6864MEDT6864 / Sockellamp, white, T6, 8, 24V
MEDW4662MEDW4662 / Sockellamp, white, W2x4, 6, 12V
MEDW4664MEDW4664 / Sockellamp, white, W2x4, 6, 24V
MELB 2214MELB2214 / Spot-light, yellow, BA9s, 24V
MELB2202MELB2202 / Spot-light, red, BA9s, 12V
MELB2204MELB2204 / LED Spotlight, red, 24/28V
MELB2264MELB2264 / Spot-light, white, BA9s, 24V
MELB2274MELB2274 / Spot-light, green, BA9s, 24V
MELE2202MELE2202 / Spot-light, red, E10, 12V
MELE2204MELE2204 / Spot-light, red, E10, 24V
MELE2262MELE2262 / Spot-light, white, E10, 12V
MELE2264MELE2264 / Spot-light, white, E10, 24V
MHAG40083445MHAG40083445 / Led Spot blue 24-28V
MHAG40083645MHAG40083645 / LED Spot, white, Ø35mm, 24/28V
MHAG40083745MHAG40083745 / LED Spot green 24-28V
MHAG4012362MHAG4012362 / LED Spot, white, Ø35mm, 12V
MHAG4012364MHAG4012364 / LED Spot, white, Ø35mm, 24V
MHCE2715548MHCE2715548 / LED-Spot Ø50 blue 230V
MHCE2715568MHCE2715568 / LED-Spot Ø50 white 230V
MHCE2715578MHCE2715578 / LED-Spot Ø50 green 230V
MHDG53452NNK27MHDG53452NNK27 / LED-Spot Ø50 warm white 10-18V
MHDG53462NNMHDG53462NN / LED-Spot Ø50 white 10-18V
MSOE083944MSOE083944 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOE083954MSOE083954 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOE083964MSOE083964 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOE083974MSOE083974 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOE114344MSOE114344 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOE114364MSOE114364 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOE114374MSOE114374 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOG113942MSOG113942 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOG113962MSOG113962 / LED Soffitten lamp
MSOG113972MSOG113972 / LED Soffitten lamp
MWCB0564MWCB0564 / Multi Look LED, white, 24/28V
MWCB22029MWCB22029 / Multi Look LED red 12V
MWCB22049MWCB22049 / Multi Look LED red 24V
MWCB22129MWCB22129 / Multi Look LED yellow 12V
MWCB22149MWCB22149 / Multi Look LED yellow 24V
MWCB22429MWCB22429 / Multi Look LED blue 12V
MWCB22449MWCB22449 / Multi Look LED blue 24V
MWCB22629MWCB22629 / Multi Look LED white 12V
MWCB22649MWCB22649 / Multi Look LED white 24V
MWCB22729MWCB22729 / Multi Look LED green 12V
MWCB22749MWCB22749 / Multi Look LED green 24V
MWCE22029MWCE22029 / Multi Look LED red 12V
MWCE22049MWCE22049 / Multi Look LED red 24V
MWCE22129MWCE22129 / Multi Look LED yellow 12V
MWCE22149MWCE22149 / Multi Look LED yellow 24V
MWCE22429MWCE22429 / Multi Look LED blue 12V
MWCE22449MWCE22449 / Multi Look LED blue 24V
MWCE22629MWCE22629 / Multi Look LED white 12V
MWCE22649MWCE22649 / Multi Look LED white 24V
MWCE22729MWCE22729 / Multi Look LED green 12V
MWCE22749MWCE22749 / Multi Look LED green 24V
MWCE5503MWCE5503 / Multi Look LED blue 15/18V AC
MWCE5513MWCE5513 / Multi Look LED yellow 15/18V AC
MWCE5543MWCE5543 / Multi Look LED blue blue 15/18
MWCE5563MWCE5563 / Multi Look LED white 15/18V
MWCE5573MWCE5573 / Multi Look LED green 15/18V
MWGE14049MWGE14049 / Multi-Look-Plus red 4Chip
MWGE14089MWGE14089 / Multi-Look-Plus red 4Chip
MWGE14149MWGE14149 / Multi-Look-Plus yellow 4Chip
MWGE14189MWGE14189 / Multi-Look-Plus yellow 4Chip
MWGE14449MWGE14449 / Multi-Look-Plus blue 4Chip
MWGE14489MWGE14489 / Multi-Look-Plus blue 4Chip
MWGE14649MWGE14649 / Multi-Look-Plus white 4Chip
MWGE14689MWGE14689 / Multi-Look-Plus white 4Chip
MWGE14749MWGE14749 / Multi-Look-Plus green 4Chip
MWGE14789MWGE14789 / Multi-Look-Plus green 4Chip
MWGW95529MWGW95529 / Multi-Star warm white 4Chip
MWGW95549MWGW95549 / Multi-Star warm white 4Chip
MWGW95629MWGW95629 / Multi-Star white 4Chip
MWGW95649MWGW95649 / Multi-Star white 4Chip
MWGW95729MWGW95729 / Multi-Star green ultrahell 4Chi
MWGW95749MWGW95749 / Multi-Star green ultrahell 4Chi
MWMB2509BRMWMB2509BR / Multi-Look® LED red 8-48V
MWMB2519BRMWMB2519BR / Multi-Look® LED yellow 8-48V
MWMB2549BRMWMB2549BR / Multi-Look® LED blue 8-48V
MWMB2559BRMWMB2559BR / Multi-Look® LED warm white 8-48
MWMB2569BRMWMB2569BR / Multi-Look® LED white 8-48V
MWMB2579BRMWMB2579BR / Multi-Look® LED green 8-48V
MWME2509BRMWME2509BR / Multi-Look® LED red 8-48V
MWME2519BRMWME2519BR / Multi-Look® LED yellow 8-48V
MWME2549BRMWME2549BR / Multi-Look® LED blue 8-48V
MWME2559BRMWME2559BR / Multi-Look® LED warm white 8-48
MWME2569BRMWME2569BR / Multi-Look® LED white 8-48V
MWME2579BRMWME2579BR / Multi-Look® LED green 8-48V
MZCL5012544MZCL5012544 / LED-Spot, blue , 50mm, 24V Litze
MZCL5012564MZCL5012564 / LED-Spot, white, 50mm, 24V Litze
MZCL5012574MZCL5012574 / LED-Spot, green, 50mm, 24V Litze
PGN25L045PGN25L045 / Einzel-Lichtleiter, 4. 5mm
PGN25L107PGN25L107 / Einzel-Lichtleiter, 10. 7mm
PGN25L116PGN25L116 / Einzel-Lichtleiterl, 11. 6mm
PGN25L145PGN25L145 / Einzel-Lichtleiter, 14. 5mm
PGN25L180PGN25L180 / Einzel-Lichtleiter, 18. 0mm
PGN25L270PGN25L270 / Einzel-Lichtleiter, 27. 0mm
PTI301L425PTI301L425 / Lichtleiter 1-stell. Ø3mm
PTI501L450PTI501L450 / Lichtleiter 1-stell Ø5mm
QAUR1101L030QAUR1101L030 / MinoStar Ø38 red 1W 15° Lit
QAUR1121L030QAUR1121L030 / MinoStar Ø38 green 1W 15° Lit
QAUR1131L030QAUR1131L030 / MinoStar Ø38 AMBER 1W 15° Lit
QAUR1141L030QAUR1141L030 / MinoStar Ø38 blue 1W 15° Lit
QAUR1151L030QAUR1151L030 / MinoStar Ø38 WW 1W 15° Lit
QAUR1161L030QAUR1161L030 / MinoStar Ø38 white 1W 15° Lit
QAUR1301L030QAUR1301L030 / MinoStar Ø38 red 1W 30° Lit
QAUR1321L030QAUR1321L030 / MinoStar Ø38 green 1W 30° Lit
QAUR1331L030QAUR1331L030 / MinoStar Ø38 AMBER 1W 30° Lit
QAUR1341L030QAUR1341L030 / MinoStar Ø38 blue 1W 30° Lit
QAUR1351L030QAUR1351L030 / MinoStar Ø38 WW 1W 30° Lit
QAUR1361L030QAUR1361L030 / MinoStar Ø38 white 1W 30° Lit
QAUR1501L030QAUR1501L030 / MinoStar Ø38 red 1W 45° Lit
QAUR1521L030QAUR1521L030 / MinoStar Ø38 green 1W 45° Lit
QAUR1531L030QAUR1531L030 / MinoStar Ø38 AMBER 1W 45° Lit
QAUR1541L030QAUR1541L030 / MinoStar Ø38 blue 1W 45° Lit
QAUR1551L030QAUR1551L030 / MinoStar Ø38 WW 1W 45° Lit
QAUR1561L030QAUR1561L030 / MinoStar Ø38 white 1W 45° Lit
QLBE273430800QLBE273430800 / LED Deco-lamp IP65 red
QLBE273431800QLBE273431800 / LED Deco-lamp IP65 yellow
QLBE273434800QLBE273434800 / LED Deco-lamp IP65 blue
QLBE273436800QLBE273436800 / LED Deco-lamp IP65 white
QLBE273437800QLBE273437800 / LED Deco-lamp IP65 green
QLBE273455800QLBE273455800 / LED Deco-lamp IP65 warm white
QMFP306H042QMFP306H042 / LED-Spot, red, 12V
QMFP306H044QMFP306H044 1, 2W / LED-Spot, red, 24V
QMFP306H044.QMFP306H044 / LED-Spot, red, 24V
QMFP306H142QMFP306H142 / LED-Spot, yellow, 12V
QMFP306H144QMFP306H144 / LED-Spot, yellow, 24V
QMFP306H442QMFP306H442 / LED-Spot, blue, 12V
QMFP306H444QMFP306H444 / LED-Spot, blue, 24V
QMFP306H542QMFP306H542 / LED-Spot, WARM white, 12V
QMFP306H544QMFP306H544 / LED-Spot, WARM white, 24V
QMFP306H642QMFP306H642 / LED-Spot, white, 12V
QMFP306H644QMFP306H644 / LED-Spot, white, 24V
QMFP306H742QMFP306H742 / LED-Spot, green, 12V
QMFP306H744QMFP306H744 1, 2W / LED-Spot, green, 24V
QMFP306H744.QMFP306H744 / LED-Spot, green, 24V
SEMZ082SEMZ082 / LED-Signalleuchte SEMZ08 Ø8mm
SKAD08012SKAD08012 / LED Sign. Blende, red, 12V
SKAD08112SKAD08112 / LEDSign. Blende, yellow, 12V
SKAD08212SKAD08212 / LEDSign. Blende, green, 12V
SKAD08312SKAD08312 / LEDSign. Blende, orange, 12V
SKAD08412SKAD08412 / LEDSign. Blende, blue, 12V
SKAD08612SKAD08612 / LEDSign. Blende, white, 12V
SKBD08012SKBD08012 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. , red, 10-14V
SKBD08112SKBD08112 / LEDSign. Innenrefl. , yellow, 12V
SKBD08212SKBD08212 / LEDSign. Innenrefl. , green, 12V
SKBD08312SKBD08312 / LED-Leuchte, ORANGE, 12V
SKBD08412SKBD08412 / LED-Leuchte, blue, 12V
SKBD08612SKBD08612 / LEDSign. Innenrefl. , white, 12V
SKCD16012SKCD16012 / SK16 EØ16 red 12VD Flst IP67
SKCD16014SKCD16014 / SK16 EØ16 red 24VD Flst IP67
SKCD16112SKCD16112 / SK16 EØ16 yellow 12VD Flst IP67
SKCD16114SKCD16114 / SK16 EØ16 yellow 24VD Flst IP67
SKCD16412SKCD16412 / SK16 EØ16 blue 12VD Flst IP67
SKCD16414SKCD16414 / SK16 EØ16 blue 24VD Flst IP67
SKCD16612SKCD16612 / SK16 EØ16white12VD Flst IP67
SKCD16614SKCD16614 / SK16 EØ16white24VD Flst IP67
SKCD16712SKCD16712 / SK16 EØ16 Ugreen 12VD Flst IP67
SKCD16714SKCD16714 / SK16 EØ16 Ugreen 24VD Flst IP67
SKCE16212SKCE16212 / SK16 EØ16 RGA 12V Flst.
SKCE16214SKCE16214 / SK16 EØ16 RGA 24V Flst.
SKGD 06202SKGD06202 / Symbolleuchte, green, 12V
SKGD05002SKGD05002 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05004SKGD05004 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05102SKGD05102 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05104SKGD05104 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05202SKGD05202 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05204SKGD05204 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05402SKGD05402 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05404SKGD05404 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05602SKGD05602 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD05604SKGD05604 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKGD06002SKGD06002 / Symbolleuchte, red, 12V
SKGD06004SKGD06004 / Symbolleuchte
SKGD06104SKGD06104 / Symbolleuchte
SKGD06204SKGD06204 / Symbolleuchte
SKGH10024SKGH10024 / LED-Symbolleuchte, red, 24/28V
SKGH10124SKGH10124 / LED-Symbolleuchte, yellow, 24/28V
SKGH10222SKGH10222 / LED-Symbolleuchte, green
SKGH10228SKGH10228 / Symbol-Leuchte, green, 230V
SKID05001SKID05001 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, red, 5-7V
SKID05002SKID05002 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, red, 12-14V
SKID05004SKID05004 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, red, 24-28V
SKID05102SKID05102 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, yellow, 12-14V
SKID05104SKID05104 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, yellow, 24-28V
SKID05202SKID05202 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, green, 12-14V
SKID05204SKID05204 / LED-Symb. Anz. Pfeil, green, 24-28V
SKRD050SKRD050 / Reflektor-Leuchte red
SKRD05002SKRD05002 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05004SKRD05004 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD051SKRD051 / Reflektor-Leuchte yellow
SKRD05102SKRD05102 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05104SKRD05104 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD052SKRD052 / Reflektor-Leuchte green
SKRD05202SKRD05202 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05204SKRD05204 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05402SKRD05402 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05404SKRD05404 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05602SKRD05602 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SKRD05604SKRD05604 / Symbolleuchte SK 05
SMB1129SMB1129 / Fassung8mmInnenrefl. Chrom
SMB1149SMB1149 / Gehäuse Ø14mm, Innenrefl. glchr
SMBD 06002SMBD06002 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. glchr. , red
SMBD06004SMBD06004 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. glchr. , red
SMBD06104SMBD06104 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. glchr. , yellow
SMBD06202SMBD06202 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. glchr. , green
SMBD06204SMBD06204 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. glchr. , green
SMBD06604SMBD06604 / LED-Anz. , Inrefl. glchr. , WEIS
SMBD0801SMBD0801 / Signalleuchte red
SMBD08012SMBD08012 / LEDSign. Innen. Chrom, red, 12V
SMBD08014SMBD08014 / LED Signall . Innen. Chrom, red 24V
SMBD08112SMBD08112 / LEDSign. Innen. Chrom, yellow, 12V
SMBD08114SMBD08114 / LEDSignall. InnenChrom, yellow24V
SMBD08212SMBD08212 / LEDSign. Innen. Chrom, green, 12V
SMBD08214SMBD08214 / LED Signal. InnenChrom , green 24V
SMBD08412SMBD08412 / LEDSign. Innen. Chrom, blue, 12V
SMBD08414SMBD08414 / LEDSignall. InnenChrom, blue24V
SMBD08612SMBD08612 / LEDSign. Innen. Chrom, white, 12V
SMBD14024SMBD14024 / LEDSignal. Chrom, red 24V
SMBD14124SMBD14124 / LEDSignal. Chrom, yellow 24V
SMBD14224SMBD14224 / LEDSignal. Chrom, green24V
SMBE08212SMBE08212 / Chromleuchte SMBE 08 Innenrefl
SMBE08214SMBE08214 / Chromleuchte SMBE 08 Innenrefl
SMD1149SMD1149 / Gehäuse Ø14mm, Innenrefl. swch
SMFE30222SMFE30222 / Melde-Leuchte red/green 12V DC
SMFE30224SMFE30224 / Melde-Leuchte red/green 24V DC
SMFP06002SMFP06002 / LED-Leuchte redplan 12V
SMFP06004SMFP06004 / LED-Leuchte redplan 24V
SMFP06102SMFP06102 / LED-Leuchte yellowplan 12V
SMFP06104SMFP06104 / LED-Leuchte yellowplan 24V
SMFP06202SMFP06202 / LED-Leuchte greenplan 12V
SMFP06204SMFP06204 / LED-Leuchte greenplan 24V
SMFP30H0249SMFP30H0249 / SigLeu EØ30 red 24VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H0289SMFP30H0289 / SigLeu EØ30 red 230VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H1249SMFP30H1249 / SigLeu EØ30 yellow 24VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H1289SMFP30H1289 / SigLeu EØ30 yellow 230VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H4249SMFP30H4249 / SigLeu EØ30 blue 24VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H4289SMFP30H4289 / SigLeu EØ30 blue 230VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H6249SMFP30H6249 / SigLeu EØ30 white 24VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H6289SMFP30H6289 / SigLeu EØ30 white 230VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H7249SMFP30H7249 / SigLeu EØ30 green 24VAD Fl Mc
SMFP30H7289SMFP30H7289 / SigLeu EØ30 green 230VAD Fl Mc
SMK1089SMK1089 / Gehäuse Ø8/m. Gl. Kuppe IP67
SML1089SML1089 / GehäuseØ8mm kurz+Kappe glanzch
SMLD08012SMLD08012 / LinLeu EØ8 red 12V Flst IP67
SMLD08014SMLD08014 / LinLeu EØ8 red 24V Flst IP67
SMLD08112SMLD08112 / LinLeu EØ8 yellow 12V Flst IP67
SMLD08114SMLD08114 / LinLeu EØ8 yellow 24V Flst IP67
SMLD08212SMLD08212 / LinLeu EØ8 green 12V Flst IP67
SMLD08214SMLD08214 / LinLeu EØ8 green 24V Flst IP67
SMLD08412SMLD08412 / LinLeu EØ8 blue 12V Flst IP67
SMLD08414SMLD08414 / LinLeu EØ8 blue 24V Flst IP67
SMLD08612SMLD08612 / LinLeu EØ8 white 12V Flst IP67
SMLD08614SMLD08614 / LinLeu EØ8 white 24V Flst IP67
SMLE08214SMLE08214 / LED-Signalleuchte, red/green 24
SMP3089SMP3089 / Linsenleuchte + opt. Glaslinse
SMQ1069SMQ1069 / Fassung 3mm Aussenrefl. Chrom
SMQ1089SMQ1089 / Gehäuse 8mm, Außrefl. , glchr.
SMQ1129SMQ1129 / Gehäuse 12mm, Außrefl. , glchr.
SMQD06012SMQD06012 / LED-Leu EØ6 red 12V ARgc
SMQD06014SMQD06014 / LED-Leu EØ6 red 24V ARgc
SMQD06112SMQD06112 / LED-Leu EØ6 yellow 12V ARgc
SMQD06114SMQD06114 / LED-Leu EØ6 yellow 24V ARgc
SMQD06212SMQD06212 / LED-Leu EØ6 green 12V ARgc
SMQD06214SMQD06214 / LED-Leu EØ6 green 24V ARgc
SMQD06412SMQD06412 / LED-Leu EØ6 blue 12V ARgc
SMQD06414SMQD06414 / LED-Leu EØ6 blue 24V ARgc
SMQD06612SMQD06612 / LED-Leu EØ6 white 12V ARgc
SMQD06614SMQD06614 / LED-Leu EØ6 white 24V ARgc
SMQD08012SMQD08012 / LEDSign. Aussen. Chrom, red, 12V
SMQD08014SMQD08014 / LEDSign. Aussen. Chrom, red, 24V
SMQD08024SMQD08024 / Signalleuchte, red, 24/28V
SMQD08114SMQD08114 / Signalleuchte, yellow, 24/28V
SMQD08124SMQD08124 / Signalleuchte, yellow, 24/28V
SMQD08212SMQD08212 / Signalleuchte, green, 12V
SMQD08214SMQD08214 / Signalleuchte, green, 24/28V
SMQD08224SMQD08224 / Signalleuchte, green, 24/28V
SMQD08412SMQD08412 / LEDSign. Aussen. Chrom, blue, 12V
SMQD08414SMQD08414 / LEDSign. Aussen. Chrom, blue, 24V
SMQD08614SMQD08614 / Signalleuchte, white, 28/24V
SMQS060SMQS060 / 3mmredAussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS061SMQS061 / 3mmyellowAussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS062SMQS062 / 3mm green Aussenrefl Chrom
SMQS064SMQS064 / 3mmblueAussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS066SMQS066 / 3mmwhiteAussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS080SMQS080 / 5mm red Aussenrefl . Chrom
SMQS081SMQS081 / 5mm yellow Aussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS082SMQS082 / 5mm green Aussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS084SMQS084 / 5mmblueAussenrefl. Chrom
SMQS086SMQS086 / 5mm white Aussenrefl. Chrom
SMR1069SMR1069 / Fassung 3mm Aussenrefl. Schwarz
SMR1089SMR1089 / Fassung 5mm Aussenrefl. Schwarz
SMR1129SMR1129 / Gehäuse 12mm, Außenrefl. swchr
SMRD080SMRD080 / LED-Signalleuchte, red
SMRD08012SMRD08012 / Signal-Leuchte red 12/14V
SMRD08014SMRD08014 / Signal-Leuchte red 24/28V
SMRD08112SMRD08112 / Signal-Leuchte yellow 12/14V
SMRD08114SMRD08114 / Signal-Leuchte yellow 24/28V
SMRD08212SMRD08212 / Signal-Leuchte green 12/14V
SMRD08214SMRD08214 / Signal-Leuchte green 24/28V
SMS1069SMS1069 / Fassung3mmAussenref. mattchrom
SMSD08414SMSD08414 / LEDSig. Aus. Mattchrom, blue, 24V
SMTD08114SMTD08114 / LEDSig. Innen. Mattchr. yellow, 24V
SMTD08214SMTD08214 / LEDSig. Innen. Mattchr. green24V
SMTD08414SMTD08414 / LEDSig. Innen. Mattchr. blue24V
SMTD08614SMTD08614 / LEDSig. Innen. Mattchr. white24V
SMTD22738SMTD22738 / LED-SignallSMTD Ø22mm IP67 green
SMU1069SMU1069 / Fassung 3mm Innenrefl. Schwarz
SMU1089SMU1089 / Fassung 5mm Innenrefl. Schwarz
SMW1089SMW1089 / Fassung5mmInnenrefl. Mattchrom
SMZ1069SMZ1069 / Fassung 3mm Innenrefl. Chrom
SMZ1089SMZ1089 / Fassung 5mm Innenrefl. Chrom
SMZ1089NSMZ1089N / Fassung5mmInnenrefl. Natur
SMZD08024SMZD08024 / LED-Leuchte Einbau-Ø8 mm
SMZD08124SMZD08124 / LED-Leuchte Einbau-Ø8 mm
SMZD08224SMZD08224 / LED-Leuchte Einbau-Ø8 mm
SMZS060SMZS060 / LED-Leuchte, red, Innenrefl.
SMZS061SMZS061 / LED-Leuchte, yellow, Innenrefl.
SMZS062SMZS062 / LED-Leuchte, green, Innenrefl.
SMZS064SMZS064 / LED-Leuchte, blue, Innenrefl.
SMZS066SMZS066 / LED-Leuchte, white, Innenrefl.
SMZS080SMZS080 / LED-Leuchte, red, Innenrefl.
SMZS081SMZS081 / LED-Leuchte, yellow, Innenrefl.
SMZS082SMZS082 / LED-Leuchte, green, Innenrefl.
SMZS084SMZS084 / LED-Leuchte, blue, Innenrefl.
SMZS086SMZS086 / LED-Leuchte, white, Innenrefl.
SSBD22H0249SSBD22H0249 / Signalleuchte, red, 24/28V
SVLU08028SVLU08028 / LED-Signalleuchte
SVLU08128SVLU08128 / LED-Signalleuchte
SVLU08428SVLU08428 / LED-Signalleuchte
SVLU08628SVLU08628 / LED-Signalleuchte
SVLU08728SVLU08728 / LED-Signalleuchte
SWBU14024SWBU14024 / LED-Leuchte EØ14 red IRgc 24VA
SWBU14028SWBU14028 / SigLeu EØ14 red 230VA IRgc
SWBU14124SWBU14124 / SigLeuØ14 yellow 24VAD IRgc
SWBU14128SWBU14128 / SigLeu EØ14 yellow 230VA IRgc
SWBU14424SWBU14424 / LED-Leuchte EØ14 blue IRgc 24V
SWBU14428SWBU14428 / SigLeu EØ14 blue 230VA IRgc
SWBU14624SWBU14624 / LED-Leuchte EØ14 white IRgc24V
SWBU14628SWBU14628 / SigLeu EØ14 white 230VA IRgc
SWBU14724SWBU14724 / LED-Leuchte, Ugreen, 24V, AC/DC
SWBU14728SWBU14728 / LED-Leuchte, Ugreen, 230V, AC/DC
SWDD08014SWDD08014 / Signal-Leuchte, red, 24/28V
SWDD08114SWDD08114 / Signal-Leuchte, yellow, 24/28V
SWDD08214SWDD08214 / Signal-Leuchte, green, 24/28V
SWQU08024SWQU08024 / L-Anz EØ8 red 24V ARgc FSt
SWQU08028SWQU08028 / L-Anz EØ8 red 230V ARgcFl IP
SWQU08124SWQU08124 / L-Anz EØ8 yellow 24V ARgc FSt
SWQU08128SWQU08128 / L-Anz EØ8 yellow 230V ARgcFl IP
SWQU08424SWQU08424 / L-Anz EØ8 blue 24V ARgc FSt
SWQU08428SWQU08428 / L-Anz EØ8 blue 230V ARgcFl IP
SWQU08624SWQU08624 / L-Anz EØ8 white 24V ARgc FSt
SWQU08628SWQU08628 / L-Anz EØ8 white 230V ARgcFl IP
SWQU08724SWQU08724 / L-Anz EØ8 Ugreen 24V ARgc FSt
SWQU08728SWQU08728 / L-Anz EØ8 Ugreen 230V ARgcFl IP
SWRH08228SWRH08228 / LED-Leuchte, green, IP67, 230V
SWZH 08228SWZH08228 / Signalleuchte, green, IP67, 230V
SWZH08224SWZH08224 / Signalleuchte, green, IP67, 24V
SWZU08024SWZU08024 / L-Anz EØ8 red 24V ZIRgc FSt
SWZU08028SWZU08028 / L-Anz EØ8 red 230V ZIRgcFl IP
SWZU08124SWZU08124 / L-Anz EØ8 yellowuh 24V ZIRgc FSt
SWZU08128SWZU08128 / L-Anz EØ8 yellow 230V ZIRgcFl IP
SWZU08424SWZU08424 / L-Anz EØ8 blueuh 24V ZIRgc FSt
SWZU08428SWZU08428 / L-Anz EØ8 blue 230V ZIRgcFl IP
SWZU08624SWZU08624 / L-Anz EØ8 whiteuh 24V ZIRgc FS
SWZU08628SWZU08628 / L-Anz EØ8 white 230V ZIRgcFl I
SWZU08724SWZU08724 / L-Anz EØ8 Ugreenuh 24V ZIRgc FS
SWZU08728SWZU08728 / L-Anz EØ8 Ugreen 230V ZIRgcFl I
ZALS080ZALS080 / LED-Reihe, 8-f. LF2x4 red, BH 9mm
ZALS081ZALS081 / LED-Reihe, 8-f. LF2x4 yellow, BH 9m
ZALS082ZALS082 / LED-Reihe, 8-f. LF2x4 green, BH 9m
ZALW080ZALW080 / LED-Reihe, 8-f. LF2x4 red, BH 9mm
ZALW081ZALW081 / LED-Reihe, 8-f. LF2x4 yellow, BH 9m
ZALW082ZALW082 / LED-Reihe, 8-f. LF2x4 green, BH 9m

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