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Worldwide Shipping


Through different procedures we guarantee the quality of all products (90 days warranty and after sales support).


For the same parts prices are worldwide never the same and additional there is the relation of currencies. Through international price comparisons it is often possible to provide better pricing.


Our worldwide connections enable us, to find products from stock or with short leadtime, also for obsolete and hard-to-find parts.

Special Service

  • Axial taping, Radial taping and SMD-taping
  • Preparing components for SMD-, Radial- and Axial parts
  • Bake and Dry - Dry packing of components
  • Fixing of pick and place pads, spacer, capton pads
  • Manufacturing and tape & reel of bondpads
  • Retaping of SMD and radial components in case of tape damage
  • Repacking of components from reel into tube or waffle tray
  • Packing of bulk components into standardized packaging units
  • Dimensional conformance inspection / measuring microscope
  • Selection of components according to special test instruction
  • Separating of PCB panels or other components
  • Removing of socket, shrinking hose and yellow cable
  • Fixing of temperature-resisting capton pads
  • Adimpleating, packing and labeling of sample boxes
  • Assembly service upon special demand / request

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