Phoenix-Contact E-Mobility Distributor

The Shortec Electronics Group is a global operating distributor of connectors and charging controllers from PHOENIX CONTACT E-Mobility GmbH. Shortec Electronics provides E-Mobility charging systems and charging controllers for DC and AC charging systems for a modern and worldwide charging infrastructure.

E-Mobility Connectors

DC Vehicle Connectors

  • CCS Vehicle Connector Type 1 – DC charging in North America
  • CCS Vehicle Connector Type 2 – DC charging in Europe
  • GB/T Vehicle Connector – DC charging in China

AC Vehicle Connectors and Infrastructure Plugs

  • AC Vehicle Connector with IC-CPD according to Mode 2
  • AC Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug according to Mode 3
  • Type 1 – charging in North America and Japan
  • Type 2 – charging in Europe
  • GB/T – charging in China
  • IC-CPD

Infrastructure Socket Outlets from Phoenix E-Mobility

  • Infrastructure Socket Outlet Type 2 – AC charging in Europe
  • Infrastructure Socket Outlet GB/T – AC charging in China

Charging System Test Adapter

  • Special CCS Vehicle Inlets as test adapters

Charging System Accessories

  • Hinged cover for Infrastructure Socket Outlets
  • Holders for Vehicle Connectors
  • Replacement materials

Vehicle Inlets from Phoenix E-Mobility

  • Vehicle Inlets CCS Type 1 – AC and DC charging in North America
  • Vehicle Inlets CCS Type 2 – AC and DC charging in Europe

Battery Swapping Connectors

In addition to the standardized connection systems for automobiles, Phoenix Contact also offers high-performance connectors for DC charging large battery units.

E-Mobility Charging Controllers

AC Charging Controllers

EV Charge Control Basic

  • AC charging controller for simple and personal charging infrastructure
  • Charging point with vehicle connector
  • Charging point with infrastructure socket outlet and RCM module
  • Setup of a satellite system

EV Charge Control Basic NAR

  • Level 2 charging point with type 1 Vehicle Connector

EV Charge Control Advanced

  • Level 2 charging point with type 1 Vehicle Connector
  • EV Lock Release - optional vehicle connector release in the event of power failure
  • Interfaces to power meters

DC charging controllers from Phoenix Contact

EV Charge Control Professional

  • EVCC Professional supports smart AC/DC charging infrastructure

Residual Current Monitoring from Phoenix-Contact

  • EV RCM - Basic (Single-channel RCM module)
  • EV RCM - Compact (Two-channel RCM module)
  • Residual current detection when charging electric vehicles
  • Residual current monitoring for a charging station for home use (e.g. Wall box with differential current monitoring)
  • Residual current monitoring of commercial charging points (e.g. Charging infrastructure with 2-channel RCM module)

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