Phoenix-Contact E-Mobility Distributor

The Shortec Electronics Group is a global operating distributor of connectors and charging controllers from PHOENIX CONTACT E-Mobility GmbH. Shortec Electronics provides E-Mobility charging systems and charging controllers for DC and AC charging systems for a modern and worldwide charging infrastructure.

E-Mobility Connectors

DC Vehicle Connectors

  • CCS Vehicle Connector Type 1 – DC charging in North America
  • CCS Vehicle Connector Type 2 – DC charging in Europe
  • GB/T Vehicle Connector – DC charging in China

AC Vehicle Connectors and Infrastructure Plugs

  • AC Vehicle Connector with IC-CPD according to Mode 2
  • AC Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug according to Mode 3
  • Type 1 – charging in North America and Japan
  • Type 2 – charging in Europe
  • GB/T – charging in China
  • IC-CPD

Infrastructure Socket Outlets from Phoenix E-Mobility

  • Infrastructure Socket Outlet Type 2 – AC charging in Europe
  • Infrastructure Socket Outlet GB/T – AC charging in China

Charging System Test Adapter

  • Special CCS Vehicle Inlets as test adapters

Charging System Accessories

  • Hinged cover for Infrastructure Socket Outlets
  • Holders for Vehicle Connectors
  • Replacement materials

Vehicle Inlets from Phoenix E-Mobility

  • Vehicle Inlets CCS Type 1 – AC and DC charging in North America
  • Vehicle Inlets CCS Type 2 – AC and DC charging in Europe

Battery Swapping Connectors

In addition to the standardized connection systems for automobiles, Phoenix Contact also offers high-performance connectors for DC charging large battery units.

E-Mobility Charging Controllers

AC Charging Controllers

EV Charge Control Basic

  • AC charging controller for simple and personal charging infrastructure
  • Charging point with vehicle connector
  • Charging point with infrastructure socket outlet and RCM module
  • Setup of a satellite system

EV Charge Control Basic NAR

  • Level 2 charging point with type 1 Vehicle Connector

EV Charge Control Advanced

  • Level 2 charging point with type 1 Vehicle Connector
  • EV Lock Release - optional vehicle connector release in the event of power failure
  • Interfaces to power meters

DC charging controllers from Phoenix Contact

EV Charge Control Professional

  • EVCC Professional supports smart AC/DC charging infrastructure

Residual Current Monitoring from Phoenix-Contact

  • EV RCM - Basic (Single-channel RCM module)
  • EV RCM - Compact (Two-channel RCM module)
  • Residual current detection when charging electric vehicles
  • Residual current monitoring for a charging station for home use (e.g. Wall box with differential current monitoring)
  • Residual current monitoring of commercial charging points (e.g. Charging infrastructure with 2-channel RCM module)

Phoenix-Contact E-mobility Categories

    About Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH

    As one of the worldwide leading specialists for innovative e-mobility concepts and intelligent solutions, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH has evolved into a global core centre of excellence for reliable e-mobility concepts and modules. Their valued customers appreciate their benchmark key solutions and high quality singular components that distinguish themselves in the field of static or mobile charging infrastructure through high performance and unique durability. 

    Phoenix Contacts high profile portfolio mirrors their exceptional product line as well as their advanced technology, that allows their dear customers to entirely rely on the implementation of high end applications and concepts for their individual charging infrastructure. Phoenix Contact e-mobility controllers facilitate the configuration of separate charging stations in compliance with the present international standards and requirements. Our sophisticated controller solution concepts for industrial, public and private implementations are specifically tailored to completely suit our customers' requirements.

    As a renowned pioneer in the field of charging systems Phoenix Contact E-mobility constantly strives for high-standard, versatile charging products, that are of unmatched quality and at the same time seeks to perfect smart integrated concepts that will generate exceptional results in the necessary furtherance and development of the global charging infrastructure. 

    Your benefits

    • Dependable connection systems that are in conformity with international standard charging systems (Europe Type 2 / North America Type 1 / China GB/T).
    • Support of fast charging procedures due to the highly successful Combined Charging System.
    • Charging controllers that are customizable and programmable.
    • Your individual charging infrastructure can be quickly designed and cost-effectively configurated by leading specialists.
    • Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive set of products for the configuration of a IATF 16949 approved cutting-edge charging infrastructure.

    Phoenix Contact has been an undisputed industry leader in the area of electrical and electronic technology as well as automation industry. The family-run enterprise was established in as early as 1923 and currently the company employs 14 000 employee. They are particulary proud of their powerful global sales and distribution network with almost 50 international subsidiary companies and additionally 50 exclusive sales partners worldwide, which ensures direct customer support and fast service around the world. 

    The wide scope of services comprises high-quality products geared to diverse electrotechnical implementations, such as serveral connection technologies for appliance and equipment manufacturing companies and different modules for advanced control cabinets in addition to customized concepts for such areas as automobile manufacturing, sustainable energy sectors (wind energy, photovoltaic), the process engineering industry, central water and power distribution as well as transportation infrastructure.

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