Multi-Contact (Staubli) Distributor

Stäubli (Multi Contact) - Industrial Connectors

Shortec Electronics is one of the leading distributors of Multi Contact products in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania (Australia), Asia (China) and Africa.

  • Industrial Connectors from Multi Contact
    Versatile, dependable connectors designed for all kinds of applications in industrial environments.
  • Connectors for Renewable Energies
    Connectors, cables and junction boxes for photovoltaic systems and solar panels.
  • Medical Industry Connectors from Multi Contact
    Safe and reliable cable systems, connectors and accessories for medical devices.
  • Connectors for Automatic Systems
    High-performance connectors for robot and manual welding guns, tool changers and docking systems.
  • Test & Measurement from Multi Contact
    Test Accessories and equipment for electrical engineering, electronics, laboratories and education.

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