Worldwide distributor of semiconductors, passive components, and electromechanical components

Passive Components: Cera Diodes, Trimmer/Potentiometer, Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Inductive Components, Transformer/Transmitters, Ferrites & Accesories, Circuit Protection, Frequency Products, Antennas, Batteries, Buzzer, Hooters, Fixed Resistor Networks, Arrays, Non Linear Resistors, Varistors

Connectors: Coaxial Connectors, D-Sub, IC Sockets, Cable Connectors, PCB Connectors, Fiber-Optic Systems, Terminal Blocks, Laboratory Connectors and Cables Handtools

Relays: Reed Relays/-Sensors/-Switches, Electromechanical Relays, Solid-State-Relays, Photo-MOS-Relays

Cables: Cable/Accessory, Cable Assemblies, Cable Identification and Labeling

Switches/Keyboards: Switches/Push Buttons, Keyboards/Membrane Keypads, Thermostats (therm.sensors, mechanical)

Power Supply: AC/DC, DC/DC, POL, Power for Medical Applications, Power Modules, Power for LED Lighting

Optoelectronic: LEDs/LED-Displays, Laser Diodes, Infrared Diodes, Power LEDs, Secondary Optics, Encoder, Optocouplers and Digital Isolators, Fibre

Interfaces: Communication Products, Interface, Wireless (Bluetooth, ZigBee, WLAN, Proprietary, RF), Transponder

Microcontroller, Processors: MCU/MPU, CPU, Peripherals CPU, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), ASICs

Analog Components and Mixed Signal: Data Transmission/Conversion, Digital Potentiometers, Frequency Products, Multi Media and Audio/Video, Multiplexers/Switches, Operational Amplifiers, Sensors

Power Products and Small Signal: Diodes, Rectifiers, TVS, IGBTs, MOSFETs, Thyristors, Triacs, Diacs, Modules, Power Management, Transistors

Memories: DRAM/DRAM Modules, SRAM/MRAM, FLASH/E(E)PROM, Multiport,
Memory Cards, Solid State Drives

Modular Wireless: Bluetooth Modules, GSM/GPRS Modules, GSM/GPRS/GPS Modules, ISM-Band, UMTS Modules, WIFI Modules, Zigbee Modules

Displays and Accessories: Alphanumeric Displays, Customized Displays, Colour STN Displays, Inverters/Converters, Monochrome STN Displays, TFT Displays, Monitors, Panel PC, Touchscreens

Industrial Computer Products: ATCA, CompactPCI, ETX/Com Express/Qseven, Embedded Modules, MicroTC, Embedded Motherboars, Rack Mount Systems, Solid State Storage, Single Board Computers, Slot CPU,Panel PC, VME

Logic: Logic, FPGAs/CPLDs and Programmable Logic, IP Cores

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